Always start with our extensive documentation!

Quick start

  • Installing is easiest with the Conda package manager by running a single command on any of Windows, macOS or Linux: conda create -c conda-forge -n calliope calliope. See the documentation for more information on installing.
  • Simple examples are included with Calliope; the tutorials in the documentation run through these examples.
  • A good place to start is to look at the tutorials to get a feel for how Calliope works, and then to read the “Introduction”, “Building a model”, “Running a model”, and “Analysing a model” sections in the online documentation.
  • Finally, looking at more fully-featured models used in real studies is a good basis to get started with your own projects — browse the research page for a range of information on work with Calliope, much of which uses freely available models that you can take as a starting point for your own project.


Citing Calliope

Please cite the following paper if you use Calliope for academic research:

Stefan Pfenninger and Bryn Pickering (2018). Calliope: a multi-scale energy systems modelling framework. Journal of Open Source Software. doi: 10.21105/joss.00825