Quick overview

Calliope is a free and open-source (Apache 2.0 licensed) tool that makes it easy to build energy system models at scales ranging from urban districts to entire continents.


Why Calliope?

Easy-to-use building blocks

Building a model is easy using Calliope's flexible text-based model definition format. The example shows the definition of a basic CCGT power plant. See example model tutorial.
        name: 'Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant'
        color: '#FDC97D'
        parent: 'supply'
        carrier_out: 'electricity'
        resource: inf
        energy_cap_max: 40000  # kW
        energy_ramping: 0.8
            energy_cap: 750  # USD per kW
            om_con: 0.02  # USD per kWh

Interactive visualisation

Calliope provides interactive visualisation of results from a model. Try it with the example shown, which includes three energy carriers: electricity, heat, and gas. Use the dropdown to switch between different views. See more visualisation capabilities.

Completely free and open

Calliope is completely freely and openly available under an Apache 2.0 license. By extensively using automated tests, it provides a solid foundation on which to build transparent and reproducible energy system models. Development happens in the open on GitHub.
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