Quick overview

Calliope is a free and open-source (Apache 2.0 licensed) tool that makes it easy to build energy system models at scales ranging from urban districts to entire continents.


Why Calliope?

Tried and tested in peer-reviewed publications

The Calliope code is tested with a comprehensive suite of automated software tests and has been used in a large range of peer-reviewed publications (see the list of publications).

Accelerate work by re-using existing models

For example, the fully open-source Sector-Coupled Euro-Calliope: a model of the entire European energy system built with Calliope.

Easy-to-use building blocks

Building a model is easy using Calliope's flexible text-based model definition format. The example shows the definition of a basic CCGT power plant. See example model tutorial.
        name: 'Combined Cycle Gas Power Plant'
        color: '#FDC97D'
        parent: 'supply'
        carrier_out: 'electricity'
        resource: inf
        energy_cap_max: 40000  # kW
        energy_ramping: 0.8
            energy_cap: 750  # USD per kW
            om_con: 0.02  # USD per kWh

Interactive visualisations built-in

Calliope provides interactive visualisation of results from a model. Try it with the example shown, which includes three energy carriers: electricity, heat, and gas. Use the dropdown to switch between different views. See more visualisation capabilities.

Build on top of a free and open codebase

Calliope is completely freely and openly available under an Apache 2.0 license. By extensively using automated tests, it provides a solid foundation on which to build transparent and reproducible energy system models. Development happens in the open on GitHub.
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