Published work based on Calliope

This page lists the publicly available work based on Calliope which we are aware of. Contact Stefan Pfenninger if you have a publication or model that should be listed here.

Peer-reviewed publications

Bryn Pickering and Ruchi Choudhary (2017). Applying Piecewise Linear Characteristic Curves in District Energy Optimisation. Proceedings of the 30th ECOS Conference, San Diego, CA, 2-6 July 2017. PDF link

Stefan Pfenninger (2017). Dealing with multiple decades of hourly wind and PV time series in energy models: a comparison of methods to reduce time resolution and the planning implications of inter-annual variability. Applied Energy. doi: 10.1016/j.apenergy.2017.03.051

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Stefan Pfenninger and James Keirstead (2015). Comparing concentrating solar and nuclear power as baseload providers using the example of South Africa. Energy. doi: 10.1016/