New year, new website

We have a new logo and website!

Replacing the dusty old static site with little informational value and little visual appeal, the new website is the first landing point for information about Calliope and its applications.

In particular, we now have a model gallery with on existing Calliope models (which are also a good place to start learning when building a new model). More models will be added to the gallery in the near future.

If you are using Calliope and would like your model to be featured on the model gallery, do get in touch with us either by email or through our Gitter chat!

This post is the first entry in our news section, where we will post occasional updates, for example on major new versions of Calliope. The old announcements mailing list on Google Groups was never used much, and will be retired completely. Instead, you can subscribe to the RSS feed of the news section if you want to be notified about updates.