Model Gallery

Bangalore v0.6.3

Bangalore-Calliope models an illustrative district in Bangalore, India. The model is focused on decision-making under uncertainty by using scenario optimisation, and used so far in two peer-reviewed publications.

Available on GitHub.

Cambridge v0.6.3

Cambridge-Calliope models a new development at the district level in Cambridge (UK). It focuses on optimising system design under uncertain demand in an in-review study.

Available on GitHub.

South Africa v0.3.0

SA-Calliope was used in a peer-reviewed paper comparing concentrating solar power (CSP) and nuclear as baseload providers in South Africa. It contains commercially licensed data and is this not publically available.

Email for access and more information.

UK v0.6.3

UK-Calliope is a 20-zone model of the power system of Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales), with 20 years of validated hourly wind and PV generation data, used in several peer-reviewed publications.

Available on GitHub.